Join us for Human Learning Systems Week

Human Learning Systems and Relational Leadership

Tuesday 11/10/22 – 10am-12pm

We warmly invite you to join our next virtual event for the social pedagogy community. If you’ve been connected with us for a while, you’ll have noticed a few references to Human Learning Systems, which offers a pioneering approach to changing the way public service works to make it more human and adaptable.

Public service, and other purposeful work for the public good, has become fragmented, dehumanising and wasteful under the influence of targets and markets. Human Learning Systems is being created by workers, managers and leaders who are fed up of the blindness this creates to the complex reality of people’s lives. It has a lot in common with social pedagogy – most importantly to enable people and communities to flourish.

From 10-14 Oct, HLS Week 2022 will bring together people like yourself to share, learn and celebrate all things HLS like never before through webinars, discussion, storytelling and networking! Designed for all those who want to change the way public service works, the week will highlight the potential for taking a more human and collaborative approach and adopting system-wide learning to achieve better outcomes. The events are hosted by our HLS Collaborative partners at Collaborate CIC.

Obviously, we felt that this calls for an event on social pedagogy! Together with Lowis Charfe from UCLan, we’re co-hosting a 2-hr webinar on 11 Oct about HLS and Relational Leadership designed with the social pedagogy community in mind. In this in-depth learning session, we’ll explore how Human Learning Systems can support current and potential leaders who want to place values, relationships and learning at the heart of their team culture. By connecting HLS with insights from social pedagogy, we’ll offer some practical ideas on how to bring Human Learning Systems to life. You’ll hear from some of the organisations involved in our peer learning community about their experiences. You’ll also have an opportunity to explore the questions you might have and make new connections with others in the field. We hope to see you for this special event!

HLS Week – A week of learning, sharing & reflection   

Whether you are new to HLS or a seasoned practitioner, or starting to experiment with the approach, the Human Learning Systems National Event Week (10th-14th October) is for you. The week will kick off with a ‘Welcome Event’ hosted by Lord Victor Adebowale, with speakers sharing the story of HLS so far and why it matters to them. We also have a session about how we can work with other movements, such as TLAP,  to make more progress with the change we want to see. Presentations and webinars will set the scene and show what Human Learning Systems can look and feel like in practice.
In the next three days, we dive deeper into stories of change, how organisations and individuals can practically begin their HLS journey, what it really takes to shift systems, and our collective challenges and successes. We also begin to identify the outstanding questions we are holding about HLS principles and practice, such as how to ensure that HLS centres equity, how HLS sits alongside community-led approaches and the role HLS can play in the NHS. 
The final day will see more opportunities to network and establish partnerships across our system and to share resources with those who want to take this work further in their own lives and contexts. We’ll aim to launch new HLS Peer Learning Communities and will close with our HLS Celebration Event, bringing together contributors from the week’s events to share their learning and reflect.

Welcome to Berlin – HLS as an inspiration for Public Service in Berlin and Beyond

Thursday, 13 Oct, 9.30-11.00

In this German-speaking session we-re running together with Berlin-based MitWirkung – an organisation supporting families affected by poverty – we will introduce you to HLS examples from social care in Great Britain, how it fits with work at MitWirkung in Berlin and explore together with you how HLS could help other professionals in Germany to create systems that work better for everyone.

How Can HLS Help Us to Keep the Promise in Scotland?

Using HLS approaches to explore accountability and support a systems approach to making The Promise a practical reality

Thursday, 13 Oct, 14.00-15.30

Scotland has an ambition ‘to be the best place in the world to grow up’ so that children are ‘loved, safe, and respected and realise their full potential’. In October 2016, the First Minister made a commitment that Scotland would “come together and love its most vulnerable children to give them the childhood they deserve.” This became The Promise.

Join Iriss and ThemPra to explore how HLS could support organisations to make The Promise a practical reality. We will be looking at how HLS can support learning as accountability at team, organisation and system level and making space to explore ideas for practical HLS framed experiments in this area. An event for those working in/towards making The Promise a reality, who already have a basic knowledge of HLS through previous work or attending an intro session during HLS week.