Welcome to the World of Social Pedagogy

Are you interested in how social pedagogy can strengthen relationship-centred practice? How you can place your values and purpose at the heart of your work and contribute to social justice? Then you’re in the right place. Our website offers lots of insights into social pedagogy, along with free resources that outline how social pedagogy can make a positive difference in social care. As a learning partner, we’re there to support you in embedding social pedagogical concepts and principles in your practice context through our experiential learning courses, team development sessions, coaching and leadership support.


We are a social (pedagogical) enterprise supporting the sustainable development of social pedagogy.

Social Pedagogy

Social pedagogy is about relationship-centred practice that supports well-being, learning and social inclusion


To support your learning around social pedagogy we have made lots of resources available in this section.

Building the Social Pedagogy community

The Social Pedagogy Development Network is a grassroots movement for anyone interested in social pedagogy and eager to contribute to shaping what social pedagogy looks like within a UK context.




We actively support the Social Pedagogy Professional Association, the professional home for social pedagogy in the UK. Click here to find out more about SPPA and how you can become a member.