Our Community Interest Activities


Serving a wider purpose

ThemPra is a social (pedagogical) enterprise supporting the sustainable development of social pedagogy through a range of short courses, organisational capacity building and whole-systems strategies. At ThemPra we have set out to actively promote social pedagogy, because we know that its focus on well-being, learning and relationships can make a substantial difference to the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and adults. We have also seen evidence of the positive impact it can have on practitioners and entire teams who have embraced social pedagogical principles not just as a way of working with children, young people and adults but as highly relevant and applicable to team work, leadership and multi-agency working.

As a community interest company, our primary aim is to contribute to the wider development of social pedagogy and, by extension, to address social inequality through educational means. We do this in a variety of ways which can be summarised in four activity strands:

  1. by providing social pedagogy courses, strategic consultancy support and whole-systems strategies for social care organisations;
  2. by facilitating a deeper understanding of social pedagogy through conference speaking, publications, collaborations, networking and other projects;
  3. by undertaking and sharing research on how organisations and practitioners can best adopt and apply social pedagogy and maximise its potential;
  4. by contributing to the development of social pedagogy a recognised and flourishing discipline and profession.

If you’re curious to find out more about our community interest activities, you can readĀ moreĀ in our annual reports, which are available for download here: