Social Pedagogy across Europe MOOC launching

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new MOOC in Social Pedagogy across Europe. In many European countries, social pedagogy has a rich and diverse tradition as a relationship-centred way of supporting children, families and vulnerable adults in their development and addressing social inequality. In an international partnership of 8 organisations from the UK, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Spain and Belgium, we have now developed the first Massive Open Online Course to provide a panoramic overview of social pedagogy in these countries and introduce some of the central principles for practice.

The MOOC will launch on 12 February on Coursera, the world’s biggest online learning platform providing universal access to the world’s best education. You will have completely free access to all learning resources, or get optional certification from our partners at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona for 43€.

Combining a series of short videos, further reading resources, quizzes, reflective questions and peer-led discussions, the MOOC is aimed at practitioners across all education and social care settings as well as (prospective) students. You can self-pace your progression through the 8 sessions. We’ve designed these to encourage you to explore and reflect on the following themes in relation to your own practice:


1. Social Pedagogy and Participation – a transnational perspective
2. Social Pedagogy and Resource-Orientated Practice – a German perspective


3. Social Pedagogy and Creativity – a British perspective
4. Social Pedagogy and Purposeful Shared Activities – a Danish perspective


5. Social Pedagogy and Prevention – a Czech perspective
6. Social Pedagogy and Social Education – a Spanish perspective


7. Social Pedagogy and Social Justice – a Belgian perspective
8. Social Pedagogy in a wider context – perspectives from around the globe 

If you’ve already got a busy life, don’t worry – you don’t have to complete all eight sessions within four weeks. It’s fine for you to take longer!

The MOOC is the output of a 3-year project funded by the European Union with the following key aims:

  1. Give you an insight into how social pedagogy has been developing across Europe, highlighting both the diversity and connections,
  2. Highlight the importance of valuing every person as intrinsically ‘rich’, recognising their unique potential and ability to be a valuable member of society,
  3. Introduce you to ways in which you can bring this belief to life in everyday interactions and relationships that support people’s learning, nurture their well-being and enable them to feel included in society,
  4. Ensure you are familiar with the most fundamental aspects of social pedagogical practice in ways that are applicable in your own personal and professional life.

To find out more about the MOOC, click on the video below and watch our introductory video, join our live webinar. More details and pre-registration are available at

Join our MOOC Webinar:

To give you a first glimpse and a deeper insight into the themes covered in the MOOC, how it is structured and what it can offer to learners, we are hosting an exclusive webinar on

Tuesday, 5th of February at 12.00 UK time

Join our webinar to discuss any questions and find out why social pedagogy will be of relevance if you are a professional eager to further improve your practice, a student interested in developing your career opportunities, or a leader wishing to support your staff team’s professional development. You can sign up by following this link and we’ll send you joining instructions.

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