Social Pedagogical Leadership

‘Great leaders find ways to connect with their people and help them fulfil their potential’ (Steven J. Stowell)

Leadership is seen as vital to realising aspirations, achieving high-performing teams and creating positive cultures of care. The challenge, however, lies in practicing leadership in ways that are authentic and draw out our own and others’ potential. And just as with geese flying in V formation, leaders aren’t just the ones at the top – it’s essential to develop each person’s leadership potential. With its strong emphasis on more equal relationships, learning processes, a shared life-space and ethics as first practice, social pedagogy has important implications for leadership at every level of an organisation. To help existing and potential leaders better understand how they can integrate social pedagogical principles in the way they lead, we’ve developed a 3-day course. Until now we have only run this as part of social pedagogy projects with bespoke organisations, but given the very positive response and substantial interest we’re now also opening the course to individuals to join.

Here is what you can expect: over the 3 days you will get plenty of opportunities to explore how key principles in social pedagogy translate into leadership, what this means for you, your team and wider organisation, and, most importantly, how social pedagogical leadership can benefit children, young people and their families. The leadership course is facilitated over 3 consecutive days using a variety of learning methods to make social pedagogical leadership become real – through experiential learning activities, group discussions, theoretical inputs, reflection and action planning on how you can develop your leadership.

If you’re interested in the course, please download our brochure, which includes the registration form for our next social pedagogical leadership course in Edinburgh on 16-18 November. Alternatively, you can stay informed by joining our emailing list, liking us on our Facebook page or getting in touch with any questions via email.

Group of Canadian geese flying i V formation over frozen lake