MOOC Social Pedagogy across Europe launching on Coursera

Join us to learn about social pedagogy

We’re super excited to announce that the MOOC in Social Pedagogy across Europe is now available for free on Coursera, the world’s biggest online learning platform providing universal access to the world’s best education! It’s taken over three years from conceptualising to realising this course in partnership with our our amazing team of collaborators at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Masarykova Univerzita, Gent Universiteit, KJSH Stiftung für Kinder-, Jugend und Soziale Hilfen, Københavns Professionshøjskole, Common View and University of Central Lancashire (click here to find out more about our partners). We’d like to say a huge THANK-YOU to them as well as to all our pilot learners and everyone else who has supported us on this journey. And a big thanks also to the EU Erasmus+ programme, which has co-funded the development of this course, thus enabling us to make all learning resources available for free!

Social Pedagogy across Europe is the first MOOC focussed on social pedagogy – a relationship-centred approach to supporting people’s learning, well-being and social inclusion in ways that promote social justice. The 4-week course is structured in eight sessions: an introductory session, six sessions outlining social pedagogy in different European countries and sharing some innovative practice insights, and a review session to support you in applying your learning.

Through this course we aim to:

  1. Give you an insight into how social pedagogy has been developing across Europe, highlighting both the diversity and connections,
  2. Highlight the importance of valuing every person as intrinsically ‘rich’, recognising their unique potential and ability to be a valuable member of society,
  3. Introduce you to ways in which you can bring this belief to life in everyday interactions and relationships that support people’s learning, nurture their well-being and enable them to feel included in society,
  4. Ensure you are familiar with the most fundamental aspects of social pedagogical practice in ways that are applicable in your own personal and professional life.

To start things off, in week 1 we’ll be introducing you to social pedagogy as a coherent perspective found in an increasing number of countries across Europe and beyond, before giving you a flavour of social pedagogy in Germany.


1. Social Pedagogy and Participation – a transnational perspective:

In the first session, you’ll hear from our ThemPra team how social pedagogy has been developing across Europe and what the central guiding principles are. We’ll also tell you more about the social pedagogy perspective we’re taking in the MOOC and what themes we’ll be covering over the course. Finally, we’ll dive straight into the first theme: participatory practice. You’ll have a chance to find out why participation is important and how you can ensure that the people you support are meaningfully involved in decisions that affect them. Find out more about the first session in the short intro video below:


2. Social Pedagogy and Resource-Orientated Practice – a German perspective:

Our first country session will take you to the ‘cradle’ of social pedagogy: Germany. In this session by our colleagues from the KJSH in Northern Germany, we’ll first give you an overview of social pedagogy in Germany, and then highlight the dynamics at play in social pedagogical practice, before introducing you to ways of working with, and strengthening, people’s resourcefulness. We’ve included six videos and two case studies about resource-orientated case management at the KJSH. Please watch our short intro video for more details:


Interested? Then click the button below to see the course on Coursera:

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