Creating Hope in Dystopia – join the global dialogue on social pedagogy and social education

Creating Hope in Dystopia – the international online conference co-hosted by the Social Pedagogy Association, ThemPra and UCLan – is drawing nearer. The conference programme is coming together nicely, with a growing range of keynote presentations exploring complexity-informed practice, play and imagination in an anxious world, and how we can expand our social pedagogical perspective to the entire ecosystem.

We would love to have an even greater variety of contributions and hope you’ll be interested in sending us your proposal for interactive workshops, roundtable conversations, formal presentations (live or pre-recorded) or any other contributions (in English or Spanish). We’re interested in contributions that address contemporary challenges from a social pedagogical/educational perspective and chart possible ways forward for practice.

If your work can help illuminate our understanding of social issues and provide inspiration for how we can meaningfully respond to social inequalities, then please send us your proposal by 30th April. (We will accept late submissions subject to remaining availability.)

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We look forward to seeing you at the conference!