The Organisers of the SPDN

Collaborating in the Spirit of Social Pedagogy – SPDN Organisers

SPDN organisers

The Social Pedagogy Development Network is co-ordinated by ThemPra in partnership with Jacaranda Development, the Centre for Understanding Social Pedagogy at the UCL Institute of Education and the Social Pedagogy Professional Association (SPPA). Since 2008, ThemPra, Jacaranda and CUSP have been working together on developing a stronger identity of social pedagogy in the UK and have more recently formed the Social Pedagogy Consortium in order to jointly deliver the learning and development programme on the Head, Heart, Hands programme (led by the Fostering Network). We have also been working together on developing standards in social pedagogy and setting up SPPA. We aim to work collaboratively where possible as we share a vision for social pedagogy in the UK and want to demonstrate the synergies and strength that come from working together.

Our collective efforts have meant that we’ve been able to keep SPDN events free of charge. In fact, no financial transactions are involved at all, because we believe that this helps create an environment of generosity and kindness, in which people contribute with their ideas and support rather than their wallets. So far this has worked beautifully.

In organising SPDN events, we also strongly rely on other organisations offering to host an event for up to 200 people. This generous support has enabled us to run SPDN events twice each year since 2008, and it is amazing that we still receive requests from organisations to host an event. If your organisation might be interested, please get in touch with us.