Videos from a Social Pedagogical Perspective

There is a growing number of short videos about social pedagogy illustrating the experiences and impact on practice. There are also a number of excellent videos that convey important aspects of social pedagogy and take a social pedagogical perspective. Together with colleagues at Jacaranda Development, Prof Pat Petrie from the Centre for Understanding Social Pedagogy and the brilliant team at Whitewood & Fleming, we’ve developed a series of short video clips on social pedagogy, which you can watch below. We’ve also curated other videos offering insights into aspects of social pedagogy.


Social Pedagogy explained

These 6 videos narrated by Pat Petrie, Professor Emeritus at the UCL Institute of Education, offer her unparalleled insights into what social pedagogy is, some key concepts in social pedagogy, what it does, how it could relate to you and much more. We hope you’ll enjoy these videos!


Social Pedagogy pilot project Camphill Scotland

This video by Camphill Scotland describes how our social pedagogy course and community support has affected life at Camphill Blair Drummond and Tiphereth. It offers a great introduction into social pedagogy.


The Head, Heart, Hands programme

The Fostering Network have produced a number of short videos about the Head, Heart, Hands demonstration programme, in which ThemPra is a delivery partner. Find out more about the resonance that social pedagogy has had within foster care and how our courses have benefitted children, carers and social workers.


Social Pedagogy in Staffordshire

As one of the Head, Heart, Hands demonstration sites supported by ThemPra, foster carers from Staffordshire County Council describe in this short video how our courses have resonated with them.


Social Pedagogy at Capstone Foster Care South West

Capstone Foster Care is another Head, Heart, Hands demonstration site that we’ve supported. This video clip offers some insights into one of our courses and participants’ experiences around social pedagogy.


Social Pedagogy: Head, Heart and Hands – the Derbyshire Way

Derbyshire County Council have been developing social pedagogy over the last few years, and this video shows the momentum they have built up. It’s an excellent introduction to social pedagogy.


Social Pedagogy in Derbyshire

To promote their creative approach to social pedagogy, Derbyshire County Council have put together a very colourful and imaginative video about creating a home for everybody.


Social Pedagogy in Practice at Camphill

Camphill School Aberdeen explain how they are using social pedagogy in their holistic work with children with disabilities and nurtures their unique potential.


The Butterfly Circus

One of the most moving short films and beautifully shot, the Butterfly Circus tells the story of Will, a man without limbs who is part of the circus sideshow during the Great Depression before being discovered by the ringmaster of the Butterfly Circus. Will undertakes a profound search for who he is and what potential he possesses.


Changing Educational Paradigms

This RSA Animate illustrates a keynote speech by Sir Ken Robinson on how we can make our education system fit for the 21st century. He advocates for nurturing the unique potential within every child through an inclusive education system which encourages creativity, divergent thinking, group learning as well as individuality.


How to Change Education – From the Ground Up

Sir Ken’s latest presentation at the RSA explores the key reasons why education needs to change and how we can all play a part in making it happen. There are striking parallels to the care system, for example, so we think his ideas have a much wider appeal.


How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

Social justice and creating a better society for us all are central themes in social pedagogy. In this inspirational TED talk, Richard Wilkinson (author of ‘The Spirit Level’) outlines why economic inequality has negative consequences for everyone in society and how we can improve well-being for everybody.


Drive – the Surprising Science of Motivation

Social pedagogical principles don’t just apply to working with children but should also guide the way we treat colleagues and employees. In this RSA Animate, Dan Pink demonstrates how we can motivate others by using incentives that nurture autonomy and mastery and convey a sense of purpose.


Everyday Leadership

The notion of everyday leadership, presented in this TED talk by Drew Dudley, is likely to appeal to social pedagogues/child and youth care workers as it highlights that people often make a bigger difference to others than they realise. It’s an important message to reflect upon, wrapped in an entertaining talk.


How to Start A Movement

This hilarious TED talk by Derek Sivers illustrates some key leadership qualities – based on video footage of a guy dancing in a park.


Finding a Higher Sense of Purpose

Richard Gerver’s presentation at the 2014 SPDN event in Derbyshire highlights the importance of recognising children’s potential and finding creative ways of supporting them in developing their potential. He outlines what this means within an educational setting and also draws some comparisons to other contexts.


The Empathic Civilisation

Yet another fantastic RSA Animate illustrates how empathy with others is deeply enshrined within our human nature. Jeremy Rifkin draws on neurobiology and psychology research to demonstrate that we are soft wired for sociability, attachment, affection and companionship – that our first drive is the need to belong. He traces back how empathy has developed through the history of mankind from empathy within tribal communities to religious communities to the nation state and wonders whether we might extend our empathy beyond this.