To make sure that you’re fully informed about social pedagogy here is a list of the best virtual places to visit on your quest to understanding social pedagogy:

International Journal of Social Pedagogy

IJSP seeks to make a substantial contribution to the international discourse on social pedagogy, and its evolution in the UK. The journal is an important platform for dialogue that contributes to social pedagogy as an evolving interdisciplinary field, at a practice level and to the body of theory and research knowledge.

Infed – The Online Encyclopaedia of Informal Education

has not only texts on social pedagogy but also on related topics and important elements (e.g. authenticity, happiness, learning, reflection) and pedagogic key thinkers like Pestalozzi, Montessori, Fröbel, Freire, Hahn, or Rousseau.

Global Alliance for Social Pedagogy and Social Education

The Global Alliance has created a a community of people across the globe who are interested in social pedagogy and social education as perspectives supporting a more eco-socially just world. We come together to learn with each other and collaborate on ideas designed to further the development of social pedagogy and social education as disciplines and practice fields.

Social Pedagogy Professional Association

As a UK membership organisation, SPPA is the professional home and centre of excellence for social pedagogy, its theory and practice.  SPPA holds the Standards for Occupational Proficiency, and the Standards of Education and Training in Social Pedagogy.

The Therapeutic Care Journal

formerly the Children Webmag, the TCJ offers some articles on how social pedagogy relates to the children’s workforce and has of course many more relevant articles that can help better understand social pedagogical thinking and acting.