There is, of course, much more to social pedagogy than we could outline on just one website. To help you learn more about it, we’ve pulled together some key resources, such as books, journal articles, media reports, videos, and other online resources. We’ve also included a myth buster and a download section where you can find presentations and handouts about social pedagogy. Below is a brief introduction to what you can find in each section.


Literature about social pedagogy

Over the last few years, a growing number of literature has concerned itself with social pedagogy. In our literature section we aim to list the key books, research reports and journal articles on social pedagogy. As many journal articles on social pedagogy are not free of charge or easily accessible, we’ve tried to make available any other papers we could find on the subject to give you an even broader, more diverse insight into social pedagogy. Please click here to access these.


Stories and narratives about social pedagogy in practice

Since the very first social pedagogy pilot project, run by NCERCC in 2007, an increasing number of organisations have embraced social pedagogy and developed the ways in which they work with children. Their stories and narratives offer some insights into how they have developed social pedagogy and what exactly they have done to enable the children in their care to experience a happier childhood. This section is the place to find out more about these stories.


Download presentations and handout material on social pedagogy

If you are interested in exploring social pedagogy more interactively or helping promote social pedagogy amongst your colleagues or friends, we’re happy to support you with resources. That’s why we’ve made available some handout materials and PowerPoint presentations in this section. You’re welcome to use them for non-commercial purposes and with references to us. Please access them here.


Videos from a social pedagogical perspective

There are a number of excellent videos that convey important aspects of social pedagogy and take a social pedagogical perspective. In this section are some of the most inspirational and interesting clips we’ve been able to find and wanted to share with you.


Social pedagogy myth buster

As a paradigm, social pedagogy is very complex (as other disciplines are too) and indivisibly connected to a given culture (so we can’t fully understand it without understanding the society in which it has emerged). Walter Lorenz, one of the most notable contemporary academics in social pedagogy, suggests that ‘social pedagogy is an important but widely misunderstood member of the social professions’ (Lorenz 2008, p.625). To help readers understand it a little bit better we want to elaborate on some of the most common misconceptions about social pedagogy in the myth buster section.


Online resources on social pedagogy

To make sure that you’re fully informed about social pedagogy, our online resources section features a list of the best virtual places to visit on your quest to understanding social pedagogy. Check it out here.