Our Courses

Embedding social pedagogy

At ThemPra we have developed unique learning opportunities to enable professionals to make sense of social pedagogical concepts and values and successfully apply these in practice. We offer a combination of courses at varying intensity. Our SPPA-endorsed learning programmes are delivered both as standalone courses open to anyone and in-house as part of a whole systems strategy. All our learning programmes aim to facilitate deep learning processes that lead to in-depth understanding and long-term retention of how the principles and concepts in social pedagogy can enrich practice. In our face-to-face courses we use experiential learning activities and reflective methods to provide participants with a holistic insight into social pedagogy and to strengthen relationships between participants. This also enables you to develop a strong sense of ownership for integrating social pedagogy into your organisational practice, culture and structures.


Social pedagogy core course (9 days)

This unique social pedagogy course is a highly effective, in-depth course. It conveys social pedagogical concepts and principles in ways that are both meaningful and relevant to participants’ practice. The course is therefore designed holistically to enable experiential learning, support individual and group reflection processes and to create dialogue by drawing on participants’ knowledge and experience. Over the 9 days participants explore the historical and philosophical roots of social pedagogy in continental Europe and how these have shaped social pedagogues’ concepts of children as ‘rich’ in potential. Connecting theory, ethics and practice, the course places particular emphasis on enhancing well-being and happiness, creating holistic learning opportunities, developing authentic relationships and supporting empowerment. Through first-hand experience participants will also become familiar with a variety of methods they can easily transfer into their everyday-practice.


Social pedagogical leadership course (3 days)

With its strong emphasis on more equal relationships, learning processes, a shared life-space and ethics as first practice, social pedagogy has important implications for leadership at every level of an organisation. This 3-day social pedagogical leadership course provides an opportunity for existing and potential leaders to explore in dialogue social pedagogical leadership, what this means for individuals, teams, and most importantly the impact leadership has on the staff and clients at the heart of services. The course can be accredited as part of the MA in Social Pedagogy Leadership at the University of Central Lancashire (co-delivered with us).


ThemPra Diamond course (3 days)

Our Diamond Model outlines the overarching aims and aspirations of social pedagogy and illustrates the role of social pedagogical practitioners to help children and young people discover their innate potential and resources. As an introductory course aiming to raise awareness and create further interest in social pedagogy, the 3-day Diamond course can be delivered for up to 16 participants, with course participants able to experientially engage with core social pedagogical concepts and to explore the relevance of social pedagogy for their practice. Following our Diamond Model, the course explores how practitioners can enhance children and adult’s well-being and happiness, create holistic learning opportunities and further strengthen their relationships in ways that empower children and adults.


Reflection in social pedagogy course (3 days)

Reflection plays a central role within social pedagogy. It enables professionals to continuously look for ways to further enhance their practice by relating theory to practice as well as drawing on their own experience and self-awareness in order to build stronger relationships with children, young people, other clients and colleagues. Reflection is therefore fundamental to any learning processes – at both an individual and collective level – as well as to long-term development within teams and organisations.
Over 3 days participants explore what makes reflection highly relevant to social pedagogical practice. The course focuses on how professionals can become more self-reflective and establish reflective processes within their teams in ways that are appreciative, inquisitive and constructive. Participants will also learn a range of practical methods that support reflection with children or other clients, in teams and as individuals.


Team development seminar (2 days)

In embedding social pedagogy in practice, a coherent understanding of social pedagogy within a team is essential. We offer 2-day team development seminars that support teams in exploring how they can use social pedagogy to develop their culture. In dialogue we can also explore specific practice aspects, such as communication, children’s participation, reflective practice, valuing diversity, creating a shared life-space, or relationship-building, to name but a few. By using experiential learning methods we ensure that all participants find ways to express their views and can share in an experience leading to a more holistic understanding of the issue and improved relationships within the team.


Social pedagogy agents course (2 days)

Developing change agents for social pedagogy is usually vital in the process of nurturing a social pedagogic culture. For professionals who have undertaken our 9-day course, we offer a top-up course to become a social pedagogy agent. The 2-day course focuses on reflecting with participants how they can continuously promote learning and reflection within their teams about how social pedagogical concepts and values can be translated into daily practice and structures within the organisation.
The course will prepare them to use their own initiative to develop their own practice, thinking and knowledge and that of their colleagues to effect sustainable change within their team.


Social pedagogy awareness seminar (1/2 to 1 day)

To ensure that professionals from across an organisation have a basic understanding of social pedagogy and an opportunity to explore its potential for their practice context, we offer introductory seminars of varying length. These often helps both an organisation and us to develop a clearer picture of the extent to which social pedagogy is reflective of existing practice and chimes with professionals. It can also reveal participants’ hopes and aspirations around social pedagogy and therefore what broader strategy seems to provide the best way to develop social pedagogy.


We are always actively developing new learning opportunities so feel free to get in touch with us with any inquiries or ideas.