Webinar series exploring social pedagogy concepts at turbulent times

Our webinar series ‘Exploring Social Pedagogy Concepts at Turbulent Times’ offers a forum for dialogue and ideas. Register now for free!

Our new webinar series exploring social pedagogy concepts during turbulent times launched on 17th June as part of the International Online Conference with a webinar on the Common Third. (If you missed it, you can watch a recording here.) Run in partnership with both the Social Pedagogy Association (US) and the Social Pedagogy Professional Association (UK), each webinar is free to attend and we’re keen for you to share any reflections, ideas and examples you have to offer. Please do get in touch with us if you’d like to be actively involved!

Here’s the full programme for 2020:

  • Diamond Model 26/08 – 10-11am: The Diamond Model serves as a reminder that every person is inherently rich and that we all benefit when we look for the best in people. Register here to join.
  • 3 Ps 28/09 – 10-11am: How can we be professional AND personal whilst leaving the private self out of practice? And how has lockdown changed this balance? We’re curious to hear your reflections. Register here to join.
  • Relational Universe 26/10 – 10-11am: At times like this it’s crucial that people feel connected. We’re all interdependent, and the Relational Universe expands our professional understanding of what relationship-centred practice is all about. Share your thoughts and insights! Register here to join.
  • Learning Zone Model 23/11 – 10-11am: Uncertainty and upheaval make it challenging to be in the learning zone when the panic zone feels just around the corner and the comfort zone feels like the only safe place. So how can the Learning Zone Model help us? Register here to join.
  • Critical Reflection 14/12 – 10-11am: Critical reflection is never more needed than when things are turbulent, chaotic and messy. By using a structured process to examine more deeply what’s happening, how this is affecting us and others, what influences there are, how we can critically analyse the situation to learn and act, we’re ensuring that we feel better equipped to deal with uncertainty and complexity. Register here to join us.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to actively contribute to any of these webinars. More Social Pedagogy concepts will follow in due course. Which ones would you like us to explore?

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