New online course – Social Pedagogical Leadership 2021

We’re excited to announce new dates for our social pedagogical leadership course – the introductory module of the MA in Social Pedagogy Leadership.

Why it’s important:

Leadership is seen as vital to realising aspirations, achieving high-performing teams and creating positive cultures of care. The challenge, however, lies in how we can practice leadership in ways that are authentic and draw out our own and others’ potential. Just as with geese flying in V formation, leadership isn’t just about the people in the top positions – it’s essential to develop each person’s leadership potential.

With its strong emphasis on more equal relationships, learning processes, a shared life-space and ethics as first practice, social pedagogy has important implications for leadership at every level of an organisation. For the development of a social pedagogical culture within your service, it is vital that you and other leaders (such as senior managers, team leaders and other key people) know how to encourage teams to navigate complexity and are able to make situated judgments.

This course provides an excellent opportunity for you as a leader to explore how key principles in social pedagogy translate into leadership, what this means for you, your team, the wider organisation and, most importantly, how social pedagogical leadership can benefit the individuals, families or groups supported by your organisation.

In facilitating the course we will draw on a variety of learning methods that make social pedagogical leadership come to life – through experiential learning activities, group discussions, theoretical inputs, reflection and action planning on how you can develop your own leadership.

This course is endorsed by the Social Pedagogy Professional Association and forms the introductory module of the MA in Social Pedagogy Leadership at the University of Central Lancashire. You therefore have the option to gain accreditation and join the MA programme, usually delivered as a combination of block modules and distance learning modules either full- or part-time.


Learning Aims:

By connecting social pedagogical concepts and principles to practice, we aim to:

  1. provide you with an enduring understanding of:
    • Social pedagogy as an ethical orientation based on recognition that human beings are intrinsically rich, have unique value and potential
    • How to convey this belief in everyday interactions and relationships through your social pedagogical leadership
    • How you can create and develop social pedagogical teams and organisations within a positive culture of care
  2. ensure you know and are able to apply:
    • Relevant social pedagogical theories and principles for everyday leadership practice
    • How you can initiate and sustain change within a complex practice environment
  3. make you further familiar with:
    • The role of communication and empathic listening in social pedagogical leadership
    • Ideas and activities for future team development, supervision and your personal leadership style development



  • Core concepts in social pedagogy and their implications for leadership
  • Introduction to and perspectives on social pedagogical leadership
  • Leadership as pedagogy
  • The notion of Haltung and ethics as foundational for social pedagogical practice
  • The pedagogy of listening and recognition for leaders
  • Nurturing motivation
  • Creating, developing and sustaining a social pedagogical culture of care
  • Myths and mechanisms of scaling and diffusion


Course Facilitators:

The course will be facilitated by Alexandra Priver and Charlotte Firing. We’re both internationally experienced practitioners in social pedagogical settings and have longstanding facilitation and leadership expertise. We’ve led on a number of ThemPra’s pioneering projects in England and Scotland, including Head, Heart, Hands, Dundee Early Intervention Team, St Christopher’s Fellowship, and our EU Leonardo Mobility funded projects exploring social pedagogy in Danish care settings. We’re also co-delivering the MA in Social Pedagogy Leadership in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire.



This course forms the introductory module of the MA in Social Pedagogy Leadership, which we co-deliver with the University of Central Lancashire. Course participants can get their learning accredited for an additional fee and then go on to complete the MA online at a reduced rate. Please contact the programme leader Lowis Charfe for further details about the accreditation process.


Video conferencing platform:

The six 3-hour sessions will be facilitated using Zoom to allow participants from a wide range of organisations to engage. We operate the upgraded Zoom package with end-to-end encryption and the highest security settings available for video conferencing. No confidential information will be shared as part of the course, and both hosts are ICO registered.



The pricing is set at £295.00 (ex. VAT) per participant. 10% discount per place will be offered for the purchase of 5+ places and 15% discount per place will be offered for purchase of 10+ places. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or invoice and must be received by 1st May.



The 6 sessions will take place over 3 blocks with 2 consecutive mornings each to provide an in-depth learning experience: 9:30am – 12:30pm on 18+19 May, 2021, 8+9 June, 2021 and 29+30 June, 2021.



To register, please complete our booking form below. Please note that places are limited to 20 participants.

Participants will receive a certificate for the CPD hours completed.

Further questions:

If you have any further questions please email Gabriel.