Join the Social Pedagogy Reading Club with Janet Grauberg

The wonderful Janet Grauberg has recently launched the Social Pedagogy Reading Club, the latest amazing learning opportunity in the social pedagogy world.

Journal clubs are a regular cycle of meetings. In each session, the participants summarise the findings of an article, critically discuss them, work in pairs to plan how they will incorporate them into their practice, and choose the next article. The Social Pedagogy Reading Club meets virtually at 7pm on the first Monday of every month (unless that’s a UK bank holiday), and you’re invited to join us for as many sessions as you’d like. Register here to become part of the Reading Club!

So far we’ve read the following articles:

  • October 2020: Charfe, L., & Gardner, A. (2020). ‘Does My Haltung Look Big In This?”: The Use of Social Pedagogical Theory for the Development of Ethical and Value Led Practice. International Journal of Social Pedagogy.
  • November 2020: Harbo, L. J., & Kemp, R. (2020). Social pedagogical perspectives on fidelity to a manual: Professional principles and dilemmas in everyday expertise. International Journal of Social Pedagogy.
  • December 2020: Winman, T. (2020). The Role of Social Pedagogy in a Digitalized Society. The Educational Review, USA, 4(3), 81-92.
  • January 2021: Andrews, N., Gabbay, J., Le-May, A., Miller, E., Petch, A., & O’Neill, M. (2020). Story, dialogue and caring about what matters to people: progress towards evidence-enriched policy and practice. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice.
  • February 2021: Smith, M. (2020). It really does depend: Towards an epistemology (and ontology) for everyday social pedagogical practice. International Journal of Social Pedagogy, 9(1), 1-18.
  • March 2021: Leadbeater, C. (2020). Love Meets Power. The Australian Centre for Social Innovation.

Our next session will discuss the following article:

  • April 2021: Brighton & Hove City Council (2017). ‘Empathy, tenacity and compassion’: An evaluation of relationship-based practice in Brighton & Hove.