Developing Risk Competence – join our SPPA webinar


SPPA Webinar: Developing Risk Competence 

Speakers: Sylvia Holthoff and Gabriel Eichsteller, ThemPra
Dates and times: 12.30-13.30 GMT, Thursday 4th May 2017
Who it’s for: The webinar is aimed at practitioners and managers working with children and young people in a variety of educational and care settings. (The webinar is open to all, however the webinar recording is accessible to members only)

Outline: Risks are often seen as dangers, conjuring up mental images of what can go wrong. Through this webinar, Sylvia and Gabriel outline the importance and benefits of taking risks, explaining how practitioners can support children and young people in developing greater risk competence. We will explore the place of risks within learning processes and why being exposed to risks can actually help children to LEARN how they can keep themselves safe. Join us in exploring how you can nurture the 4 key skills necessary to develop risk competence.

Additional resource:
Here’s an article on risk competence by Sylvia and Gabriel (pdf) that will be helpful for you to read before the webinar to give you a background about the topic.

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