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Piloting the MOOC

From November 2017 we will be piloting the MOOC with a cohort of critical friends, who will help us beta-test the course in all aspects. We’re keen to find out whether the content presented and the style of delivering it are engaging, insightful and practice-relevant. Interested? Learn more in this short video.



The pilot is the first chance to get insights into the brand new MOOC in social pedagogy. We’re testing this to get a better sense of how well the course works and what we can do to further improve it before we’ll make this available to anyone around the globe. The online course will run over 8 weeks, with each week consisting of around 30-45 minutes of video resources, 30-45 minutes of further reading materials, some suggested activities to relate your learning to practice, reflective questions and an assignment task. We’ll need pilot learners to commit to road-testing the whole 8-week course (within a 16-week timeframe) and providing us with detailed feedback on each session as well as the overall learning experience. In addition, you can also become more actively involved as a critical friend, for instance by writing a blog on a specific thematic session (we’ll give you advance access to that week’s learning materials), taking part in week 8’s live review session to share your learning, joining a focus group conversation a few weeks after the pilot to share your perspective on the key learning points, and acting as a ‘multiplier’ by disseminating information about the MOOC via social media and your professional network. In addition to getting exclusive access to the MOOC, as a pilot learner you will receive a free certificate of completion upon successfully passing the assessment. If you would like to register as a pilot learner, please complete the below form, and we’ll send you all relevant details in due course.

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An important part of the learning journey throughout the 8-week course is the interactive assessment process. Each week includes an assingment task, which enables you to gradually compile a scrapbook illustrating your individual social pedagogy journey. (We’ve even included some resources and ideas on how to make a virtual or actual paper scrapbook, so that this can be an enjoyable creative process even for people who don’t consider themselves artistically gifted.) Whilst assessments aren’t graded, they are regularly peer-evaluated, and we will review the entire scrapbook before awarding you with a certificate of completion.


For further details on the MOOC please click here.

Counting down to the pilot of our Social Pedagogy Across Europe MOOC


With the pilot of our new Massive Open Online Course just a few weeks away, we met up with our brilliant team of international partners last weekend to review the video contributions from each country and plan the next steps. We’re already very excited about the variety of themes and the diverse styles in which every team has brought their topics to life.

Over the course of the weekend, we also undertook some creative activities that will feature in the MOOC and filmed a few scenes for the introduction. We’ve also been working out the evaluation strategy and shared ideas for promoting the pilot. If you’d like to be amongst the pilot learners and help beta-test the course (which is free of charge), we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us an email at We’ll share further details next week, so make sure to check in again!

Developing a Massive Open Online Course in Social Pedagogy across Europe

We’re delighted to announce that ThemPra has been awarded with a substantial 3-year Erasmus+ grant to develop a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in social pedagogy! In realising this long-term ambition, we’re really pleased to be able to draw on the collective expertise of an international partnership with the University of Central Lancashire (UK), UCC Copenhagen (Denmark), Common View (Denmark), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), Ghent University (Belgium), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), Kocaeli University (Turkey) and KJSH Verbund für Kinder-, Jugend- und Soziale Hilfen (Germany), who will all provide many amazing insights into practice innovations and the role of social pedagogy in their respective countries. Thanks to EU funding we will be able to offer the 9 MOOC sessions free of charge. We hope that the course will reach many people around the globe and contribute to social pedagogy developments internationally, particularly in countries where interest in social pedagogy is still relatively new. As we want these ideas to travel far and wide, we will also put together a research report to strategically support policy-makers in implementing social pedagogy innovations across cultural barriers.

We’re very keen to start building a network of critical friends and interested allies who want to help us make this a unique learning resource that inspires students, practitioners and policy-makers alike. We’re planning to pilot the MOOC with 100 international learners next year and to share this more widely in 2018. We will also form a multiplier network and critical friends groups in each country to inform the development of the MOOC. If you would like to get involved, please watch the below video and send us an email or sign up to our emailing list (form in the right column) to receive further updates!

The project is funded under the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. More details about the project can be found here.